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is o tupe ea of us here, eslypealci alon s east 5. 9of tof 95. so this is where thhee acav actytyviti has been the lastvi rauple of s.urho ll s.fain ra ba herecknothing is llg infi in. . wsne . ws at whabout ga i ll tell you what, we will zoom in teanlooking at tyssviroac activity across e , ouare nd area, around de is good besneit is it k inrefo think before the methgagigabebes heinec f tasort e game but not the deluge had earlier. the flood watch until 2:00 a.m. showers and storms will be tapering off. come back and talk more about danny. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a private memorial service is set to begin in an hour in honor of senator ted kennedy. family and friends including john kerry filed past kennedy's casket as he lay in repose in boston today. senator kennedy's funeral mass will be tomorrow morning in boston. his body will be flown to andrews air force base so he can be buried at arlington national cemetery. his gravesite at arlington is in some ways chosen by the martyred president kennedy. he stopped at the site and remarked it was so beautiful he could
. a reminder, ted kennedy served in the u.s. military. many have never known that without the kennedy in the senate. >> it's a time and memory and just means a lot to them to your kennedy family and all that they have contributed to us. and to that country. >> we should all do something good in this country and not just stand back. they gathered at the family compound for a private mass overlooking the ocean, ted kennedy once loved to sale. >>> and then the half dozen or so vehicles, began the long slow 70 mile trip to boston. they went their way out there in their life. and that is where he announced their bid for the presidency in 1980. and the ceremony will be on saturday at articlington national cemetery. for the next two days, he will lie out there to propose that in boston massachusetts and people are already lining up to pay their final respects. they will actually extend the hours if there is call for more time for people to say good- bye. >> from what we have seen today, there will be. >> they now have an open senate seat for the first time in 25 years. now the questions are,
cooperatives like the rural co-ops that have existed in the u.s. for decades. >>> the land of lakes is a cooperative hardware for them. and this is a model that works. they are not government runed and government controlled. and it is a membership run and the membership controlled. >> the president is stuck, keeping the public auction that woulding anger some of them and the democrats in congress that insisted the government run plans for them and the private insures out of business. >> i still think that we should have a bipartisan solution. but what i can't tolerate is the government plans. >> jumping would disappoint the liberals. the public auction as defeat. >> if they back away from them, is that healthcare reform? >> it is absolutely not healthcare reform. we need that form to improve the lives of the families and the communities everywhere. health and human services, they said that a public auction is not essential. they are waiting to see what the senate finance committee negotiates. and mr. they have been more focused on a co-op, not for profit co-ops as a competitor as to
the storms passed us by. >> good news and bad news. we are not under a watch anymore but ironically there e.e warnings t erth vehse decounty in virginia. warning f al sotyor fclork arand frederic county, iniavik th. iney are at the bottom of the screen. we will zoom in to is th iths storm. this is the ed e waprpt ed the warning. this is a heavy storm now. -- everything is inar mo-- everything is t.he t noheasrt orv hethnom ishest this storm is abt isto 0. 34an tth ov thisthrt part of the stwiorllm to to next xt 1515minutes. the storm.e ul pfoins ceviine l the storm. llwi ssmiwill miss d an d y ha vera inu bu mayohave rain but the fr of the storm will more anth u. nly mi i will zohe we m veha entcbe orstwa hi havewebeen watching t the south, just d crossethe rive ichs inarles and southern pg county and thisd is ininga y.nsnity. ors is either heavy rain likely some hae . case'd weth a warning edis suon this. this at fopumpfort road anpu looks like anytime we see this type of color on doppler e dopp this isthavheinra ra. is llfainheavy rain. es rfa atllhave en beetprty im-- impres
, for the country, and for the world. and as part of this community, it's a very, very tragic loss for all of us. >> i was saddened to hear the news this morning. especially now with the healthcare debate going on. his voice is going to be missed. >> reporter: reverend patrick was present when the senator died at his home in massachusetts. >> he had expressed to his family that he did want to go to heaven. there was a certain amount of peace. a lot of peace, actually in the family get together last night. >> reporter: vice president biden worked with kennedy in the senate for 36 years. >> he left a great void in our public life and a hole in the hearts of millions of americans and hundreds of us who are affected by his personal touch throughout our lives. >> reporter: and fellow senator and friend, chris dodd noted kennedy dedicated his life to healthcare reform. an issue congress is hotly debating. >> my hope is that this will maybe cause people to take a breath, step back, and start talking with each other again in more civil tones about what needs to be done. because that's what teddy
kennedy's son, patrick in boston today. hello, i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this saturday. we'll bring you a report on the funeral shortly. but first, this. senator kennedy's casket arrived at arlington national cemetery. the motorcade is stopping on capitol hill for colleagues and staff members to give final good-byes. a huge owd has gathered on the steps of the capitol this afternoon. >> he did seem like a really nice man and wanted to come and be a part of history with everybody else and feel their spirit everywhere, you know. not just here, the kennedy center. >> i grew up in the kennedy era. ted kennedy became senator when i was 2. he has been senator my whole life and my family has been admiring of the kennedy family. as a government teacher, i keep an eye on things that are happening and kennedy has been influential in the last two or three decades. >> he will be buried alongside his brothers. digital correspondent, lindsey mastas is live right now. >> reporter: people are lined up along memorial bridge. some got here hours and hours in advance, they want to be
owned property is exempt from taxes if it is used for governmental purposes. the city attorney is now trying to find out if this rental agreement fits that criteria. >> if we are offering properties at below market value, then that's considered a benefit. and as such, we should be treating it that way. >> this city employee who knows some of the men renting the homes doesn't understand the fuss. they work hard, they deserve it, he said. now it's up to the ty to determine how much it will cost them. audrey barnes, 9news now, >> the city manager says she hopes to report her findings to the city council by the first week of september. >>> well within an hour, president barack obama will appear at a campaign fundraiser for virginia democrat, creigh deeds. some see the governor's race as a referendum on president obama's performance. gary joins us now live from mcclane with more. gary. >> lesli, it's really no surprise the president is here. virginia republican sensing a drop in the president's approval ratings has made this campaign as much about his national political chan
. this guy, that is the new staffing plan. >> i'm shocked that, well, a station close to us, such as that, they would lose the clear staffing. >> why would you remove staffing at capitol heights? >> because of the other nearby stations to add wetly cover that area. when the engine caught fire. to assess them on the scene. we're conducting the full investigation for everything that occurred. >> they say that the next fireworks company that could respond is a place where they train them on the scene. >> this is my house from last month. >> they say that there are only that much of the defense between the capitol heights station and the station that replaced them on the call here this morning. again, they believe that there was no impact on that. but as far as the staffing that is concerned, they say that the staffing, the plan is fluid. if there needs to be changes as they move along with the process, there will be changes. back to you. >> all right, thank you for that. >>> peggy cooper is giving her first public interview since fire destroyed her mansion and priceless arts collections last
us where they are and explains what it all means in this 9news now exclusive. >> reporter: 39th and t north of georgetown university. 29th and p in georgetown. the 1300 block of northwest, 23rd and wyoming northwest. taylor street northeast. catholic university, and trinity university. all are locations that the dc water and sewer authority and the fire department have identified over erthlast t years where there have been concerns about water. >> we live right there, so i think that d ulwo bebia g issue. >>re: poer brtstsejuauec the neighborhood is on the list of 34 locations, doesn't mean it has an inadequate water supply, similar to what happened when firefighters tried to fight the blaze two weeks ago. that is only one reason that an area is on the list. >> it could be hydrant locations, gallons per minute slow. access, geography. >> reporter: the fire department says the reason they have the list is to prevent what happened on cambridge road, knowing what special water concerns needs. >> we have many solutions in place. >> i'm sure they have it r au unde ontro i'm not
about a so- called public option. sandra joins us live with more on what happened today. sandra. >> well lesli, from washington to missouri, it was another day of heated emotions on display, all over healthcare reform. >> you want to be let out of here, you are welcome to go. now wait a minute, wait a minute. now wait a minute. >> shoving, i'm sick of the lies. i don't like being lied to. i don't like being lied about. >> tempers flairing. and booing. healthcare reform town halls around the country are heating up. with people on both sides of the issue speaking out. >> thank you. >> president obama held his own town hall in new hampshire tuesday. he encouraged healthcare reform, but suggested it is time to tone down the rhetoric. >> the way politics works sometimes is that people who want to keep things the way they are will try and scare the heck out of folks and they will create boogymen that aren't real. >> healthcare reform plan is not what some call socialized medicine. mr. obama says his healthcare reform plan would offer coverage to those with preexisting conditio
for joining us this saturday. our top story is the cleanup from a tornado that struck the a town in frederick county, maryland yesterday. no injuries reported. digital correspondent just returned from the area hardest hit. she is here in the studio. how are residents coping? >> they are doing the best they can. the national weather service is still in the mist of assessing the damage and categorizing it. neighbors are assessing damage and cleaning up today. it is the signature sound of cleanup in the aftermath of tornadoes. >> it sounded like the roof was getting ripped off, which it was. >> it was no different from the twister that carved a destructive path through the town of iambsville, maryland, where folks are shaken. >> there are leaves and rocks coming through the windows. >> he grabbed his dog and hit the floor. >> i was hoping it wouldn't take me out of the house. >> alex tells a similar story. >> i was looking up expecting the house to just be gone. >> hundreds of trees uprooted and snapped like twigs. >> it sounded like trash cans banging over your head. >> debra headed
, west route that is light rail. the digital correspondents, they are joining us live from the end of the line. with axes out there, that not everyone is happy about this. >> well, no, they sure aren't. but the good news is that the 60 mile purple line will connect montgomery and prince george's county and some 1,000 cars are off the road -- 19,000 cars are off the road. but building it will destroyer placeable green space enjoyed by thousands. >> trees will have to come down to make way for the purple line that will run 7 to 10 feet from hikers and bikers from the crescent trail. it is also right out there and in their own backyard. >> well, it is on property line. >> the purple line will cut through the golf course at the country club too. the spokesman, they say that they are concerned about noise, safety, the negative impact on their property. but montgomery county delegate, they say that getting thousands of people out of their cars and onto the mass transit, that is worse than compromises. does will they will link up many of the existing metro stations, the marked stations, o
. >>> hello. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us. a mid-air disaster over the hudson river in new york city today. a small plane and tour helicopter crashed, sending both aircraft in the helicopter. authorities believe nine people are dead. that accident was seen by hundreds, perhaps thousands of people owl out enjoy -- all out enjoying the crystal clear day. whit johnson is live with more. >> reporter: dozens watched as these two aircraft collided. crews are still on the water searching for debris. they say there's no way anyone who could survived and are strictly calling this a recovery effort. emergency officials rushed to the hudson river saturday afternoon but there was little they could do. >> a helicopter, the blades, there's like a big puff of smoke and then a boom a couple seconds afterward. initially it went straight down in the water. >> reporter: city officials say there was no hope for any of the nine people on board as both planes came down. >> this was virtually not survivable. >> reporter: the mayor says the two passengers, including a child and a pilot wer
. topper shutt, it's been a stormy afternoon. what's next? >> most of the storms south of us, lesli. still under a severe thundersnirm war ngfor st ry's 'scounty. for a coupminutes. moofst nutes. ost of the achaenbes has been through . the nort th e northern neck and will zoom down to the onh. ti meom e e th adrnrntoo wain the tornado warning. no confirmed re r s chesin offara4 ines of raia pe per hail. now d anhail. now aw ayomfril away from sandy point. r soy yavraheouin willin 15 in soba so again, that'sn,atetprtyprm over hdoa e coav le redo have a couple more thunderstorm delo to tothe north west th west of to mber. ndlaard . isththe isthe last th minutes. il asrara ins it crosses 522. we will go to the computer. forecast then looks like this. for tonight thunderstorms and then muggy. it will be in the 70s everywhere tonight. winds out of the southwest at about 5 to 10. we will come back and talk about our prospect for more thunderstorms yet again tomorrow and more on bill. bill is a massive category 4 hurricane. lesli, back to you. >> all right. >>> warning to drivers now. sky
today, with a school supply list that includes flu prevention. >> they tell us to get hand sanitizer and kleenex. >> we have every reason to believe that these numbers will go back up. >> reporter: today governor martin o'malley predicted a resurgence of the h1n1 flu, where much of the focus remains on schools and vaccine nations. >> right now, seasonal flu, the so-called regular flu, which also takes a lot of lives, and that vaccine is already available, and the important message right now is to plan for your flu vaccinations, seasonal flu first, and then two shots for the h1n1. >> so get your seasonal flu shot right now. >> the h1n1 vaccine will be available in october. >> vulnerable people, including school children, pregnant women, and health care workers, will be first in line, for the h1n1 vaccine. >> when we know the quantities we get, then we will know if we can administer h1n1 in the school. >> reporter: the likelihood of school closures is not as great unless we see a massive outbreak. so the message is if you are sick, stay at home. we call that community mitigation. my mo
the u.s. fo. es anthd the me . and e onld tiesoher,y were killed. two others were severely hurt. >> no major problems reported on this first day back to school for students in montgomery and howard county. at one high school this morning, even a pet rally atmosphere with the seniors leading the way. stp-rz >> and we're talking about them out there. >> it's weird, like it's weird being on top out there. it's exciting. i'm are the excited to see them. they are not going to do work. but other than that, it'll be fun. >> that will be scary for them. and stuff like that for them. they don't want to go through it. >> and now in prince george's county, more than 400 students were still facing those class schedule problems. but that is way down from last monday when 8,000 of them had either no class schedules or a partial one. administrators blame glitches in a new computer system. >> more than 100 special education students never got their bus rides to the school in the district today. and still, they were ready but the school bus, they never arrived and they blame it on a computer gli
. >>> plus, new credit card rules go into effect today. we'll tell you what you need to know. topper, tell us more about the forecast. >> a couple storms on radar. we'll take you out with the almanac. you can visit it on the web. here's what goes in the books. 94 and 73. averages are going down. record high, 101. record low, 50. we will come back and talk more about hurricane bill and more about the potential for severe weather tomorr. >>> there's a big effort in fairfax county to try and prevent under age drinking. today, county police, premium distributors, teamed up to provide retailers with a so- called responsibility tool kit. it include as small magnification tool that businesses can use to pinpoint fake identification cards. >> we are also giving them some devices, some magnification kits that have a blue light that help the server look at the id in a dark location. also has a magnifying class that helps the server see the age, the date of birth on the id. >> the chief says alcohol abuse is one of the greatest dangers and risks for young people and he says it is the single most misu
, everyone. thanks for joining us. powerful storms are sweeping across our viewing area, heavy rain and flood watches in effect in many areas. there are some scattered power outages. strong winds have toppled trees across the region. here in bethesda, trees were knocked over along river road and springfield drive. not too far away in northwest d.c., the trees came down along massachusetts avenue and mccomb streets. despite the weather, it is a big night in town for sports fans. the kirensds, naonals, and d.c. united are all playing at home. tony pann, with yesterday's storms, we are dealing with a one-two punch. >> no doubt. i don't think severe werour ourr riso in effe. adshared shaded where the h in ish efct effect tiundnmi. l ht yoeveruntil midnight. of ofi- 81. i-edh ticoshaded counties anru a, neelndpr incen or, ge a'sgeun george's all under flash warngsrn t righ d ngacight is toing kiista takin could be small stanamcreeks oven s.d ancreeks overflowing r ei nkba there's a possibility of big standingwater in mind. r atys in mi. ndd e thaneris a severe r foe ththe lower stealoweeas
. tell us more about these hits. >> well, the crooks are targeting indian americans. they are taking jewelry and they know exactly which house to go to because of these type of ornaments hanging in the window. >> her home was ransacked but what she is most heart broken about is the jewelry the crooks stole. they were heirlooms given to her by her mother who passed away ten years ago. >> now i think of that every day that at least i could recover something that belonged to my mom. >> reporter: she nearly came face to face with the thieves as they tried to break in. >> i was coming in the door and saw the door the framing broke in it and i am wondering what is happening and then started to scream. what is going on. >> reporter: many families are forced to change their habits to keep their homes safe. some are not keeping their gold at homes and others are not keeping up with tradition like taking their garlands down. the victims believe they have become easy targets because of the ornaments above the door in the window. >> indians have a lot of gold in their place. we carry 24 karat go
we walked in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. [ applause ] >> the women were working on a story about the illegal trafficking of women when they were captured. >>> president obama thanked former president clinton for assisting in the safe return of ling and lee. the president expressed relief. >> once we knew that they were on the plane, the reunion that we've all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. i want to thank president bill clinton. i had a chance to talk to him for the extraordinary humanitarian effort that resulted in the release of the two journalists. >> some international relations experts believe the women's release could foster talks between north korea and the united states. >>> experts also agree that kim jong-il used the incident as leverage against the united states. he wants north korea recognized as a nuclear superpair. surae chinn about joins us. >> reporter: the two journalists were working for al gore's current tv when they were captured. their cap
: it used to be a waive of credit card offers, credit card companies trying to beat thursday's deadline under the credit card accountability responsibility, and disclosure act. credit card rates are up 2% this year. even as most other interest rates have fallen. >> that does not surprise me, not at all. >> reporter: the biggt pbicoer nsumercorotext goes under -- protection goes in effect under a year. requiring th goto go out three weeks in advance instead of just two. >> i didn't get my paper bill on time. then i got a phone call after the bill was past due that i owed them money. does will and you never gotten the bill? >> i wouldhai bu t ve cer ne reivedbut i never received ep>>r:or rey telo thw alt yobilh >> reporter: they allow you to defrzeeer anca rdzed pay it off mpcos iean ominfredrat diiscath comprdies fr mp on yoisrate on existing paexisting pal e,la unless you -- balance unless you're two months late on your minimum payment. >> they may show that nothing comes out of the left field and hits me on my bill. >> reporter: there is also a downside here because they will have a
operate a metro vehicle or bus while using a cell phone to be talking or texting. and the policy is clear, what will happen if it is determined that is what you have done. >> you'll be fired. zero tolerance. but this driver, they have only sube deenenthspbewid pay and t union is pushing for her to be returned to duty. union firms insist she never moved the bus while on the phone and they say that she was calling the central control center because her radio had died and she was stuck in heavy traffic. >> it didn't move the bus and she was calling them. that should be okay. >> well based on that particular thing, definitely not to be fired. >> the union officials say that a rider on the bus confirms that the driver story happened. they said that metro has a tape of the driver's conversations with the control center and the union president says she can't figure out why it has taken so long to put the driver back on duty. >> metro instituted the zero tolerance policy to send a clear message that calling and driving is unacceptable. but the devil is often in the details. in washington, bruce,
flu. what we used to call the swine flu. experts hope to crank out millions of doses by october 15th. right now volunteers are helping to determine if you will need one dose or two. but researchers are all but certain it's safe. >> there have been billions of doses given out to prevent seasonal flu. these vaccines are made using the identical manufacturing process. >> researchers say in a month or so, load tests will determine if one dose is enough to get the volunteers to build up enough antibodies to resist the flu. >>> now, president obama and his counter -- counter parents from canada and mexico pledged to work together to brick about better economic times and climate change. >> we're among each other's largest trading partners as we work together toward lasting prosperity, we need to expand that trade, not restrict. the nations like canada and mexico will take the lead in emissions. >> the president could not escape the big health care debate back home. he predicted that congress will pass his health care overhaul after the summer break. >>> to iraq where a string of woman bombi
and school officials say it could be days before they get them. audrey barnes now joins us live from the high school with the story and i guess audrey, this is getting tiresome at this point. >> it certainly is, lesli. there are 24 high schools in prince georges county and nearly all of them have scheduling. the problem is with a new computerized scheduling system. according to the company's website, it works great in lincoln county, georgia, which has 432 high school students. so far, it has been a disaster in prince georges county, which has more than 40,000. more than 200 students at bowie high school were sidelined by a computer glitch. isolated in three separate areas while school officials scrambled to print schedules for them. >> why some of them have schedules, they don't know. >> the tso president says it's the worst school opening in the county in 16 years. >> these schedules need to be mailed out during the summertimes. that way if there's a conflict with their schedule, they can move forward and get that change before the first day of school. >> the communications director sa
driving while talk hog a cell phone is back on the job. she used the phone to report a mechanical problem. >>> have you seen this man? his name is deafen champagne and he escaped from custody last night. sky nine over jessup maryland as authorities looked for him. the sheriffs office says a deputy was taking the 20-year- old to the detention center when he used his handcuffs to attract the deputy champagne climbed out a window and ran away. he had been convicted of felony theft and he faces additional charges including attempted murder. >>> we still don't know the i.d. of the person killed by a hit and run driver. the man was struck this morning near the intersection of stanton road and suitland parkway in southeast washington. police are looking for a small dark-colored car with a damaged windshield. the vehicle is also missing the passenger side mirror. >>> check out this accident in colombia, maryland today. five cars were involved in a crash on route 32 near broken land parkway. one vehicle ended up on top of the other. the good news is the people involved reported minor injury the ro
that it was legal. so i just stopped wearing clothes, feeling so much better. >> they asked us not to reveal her last name nor her exact address. saying she is living the life of the purity. too many toxins in the food we eat and the clothes she wears, they claim. >> they were naked in everything that was fine until they ate the bad food, then they got out there. i stopped eating the bad food a year ago. >> good for her neighbors. now, they are raising that all hours of the day and night. and they are parading around nude in front of their children. >> well, i could follow each tournament to make a point. but just for the overboard. >> are you going to continue to walk outside in the nude? >> you know, i have been walking out there to get something out of my car. but i'm doing whatever feels right. if i go out there, then i'm going naked. they are spending time in the front yard anyway. just doing whatever feels right. i'm just trying to continue to heal. healing by becoming one with the nature if any and at all clothing. even if it means offending those living around her. >> i want to have to d
year, $2 million deal. the wizards get some depth and something else they don't often use, defense. >> take a shot for games -- for the health of the team. >> he told me yesterday, three, four, five years, i'll tell you how you can guard him. so we are exteemly excited. a great blend for us. >> here's how the wizards roster looks right now. two of these guys won't be suiting up once the season starts. the seven guards on the roster, you think would be one of those guys getting the boot. it is not unusual to get heated on the job when you don't always agree with decisions being made. when you have to be restrained while expressing your opinion, hr doesn't look as kindly upon those circumstances and neither does major league baseball. it's nats hitting coach being suspended for tonight's game and fined for arguing after niger morgan was called out. you can't argue with the job. the nats batting average is eighth best in the majors. more baseball athletics at the orioles. a one-run game in the 8th. the play is at the plate and it's no good for the o's. baltimore loses 6-3. >> desp
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